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Zener Diode

A Zener Diode is a particular type of diode that, unlike a normal one, allows current to flow not only from its anode to its cathode, but also in the reverse direction, when the Zener voltage is reached.
  • Diode Zener

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    Diode Zener

    Description: We produce high quality Zener Diodes and supply to worldwide customers, MMSZ5221B to MMSZ5259B series are available, please feel free to send your enquiry, we can provide competitive prices with nice quality products.Read More

  • Zener Diode 5.6V

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    Zener Diode 5.6V

    Description: We provide 1W 5% DO-41 Glass package Zener Diode 1N4728A through 1N4757A.Read More

  • 12V Zener Diode

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    12V Zener Diode

    Description: BZT52C5V6 5.6V 500mW surface mounted SOD-123 Zener Diode from China factory. Datasheet: Feature: - Planar die construction - 500mW power dissipation on ceramic PCB - General purpose and medium current - Ideally suited for automated assembly processes Other Zener...Read More

  • Zener SMD

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    Zener SMD

    Description: Zener Diode with SMD package, and most parts are available with high quality in stock. Specification: Related Zener Diodes in SOD-323 Package: Packing Information: Products are packed with paper carton and meet export requirement. Logistics:Read More

We're one of the leading China zener diode manufacturers and suppliers with over 40 years' experience. Welocme to import high quality zener diode made in China from our factory here.