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TVS Diode

Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) are semiconductor devices designed to provide protection against over voltage transients. When over voltage events occur, the silicon TVS actives from an very high impedance status to a very low impedance status by operating in the avalanche mode and uses a large junction area to absorb large transient currents in a fast response time, protecting voltage sensitive electronics equipment from damaging.
  • Axial TVS Diode

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    Axial TVS Diode

    Description: We offer 600 Watts Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes in axial package. These parts may be used at various points in a circuit to provide various degrees of protection. Product Datasheet: Features: 1. Glass passivated die construction 2. 600W peak pulse power...Read More

  • SMD TVS Diode

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    SMD TVS Diode

    Description: Nantong Hantech Electronics supplies a wide range of TVS devices in axial or SMD package, with maximum working voltage from 5V to 550V, maximum power dissipation from 200W to 5000W.Read More

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