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Rectifier Diode

We offer a full range of Rectifier Diodes with nice quality; both axial package and surface mount package are available.
  • General Purpose Rectifier Diode

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    General Purpose Rectifier Diode

    Description: Our factory produces high quality General Purpose Rectifier Diodes with competitive prices and look forward to doing good business with you.Read More

  • SMD Diode M7

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    SMD Diode M7

    Description: We supply high quality SMA package STD 1.0Amp 1000V surface mount Rectifier Diode M7. We pack 5,000pcs in a reel and 100,000pcs in a paper carton. Products can be delivered within 3 days after receiving customer's new orders.Read More

  • Rectifier Diode 1N4007

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    Rectifier Diode 1N4007

    Description: A-405 or DO-41 STD 1A 1000V Axial Rectifier Diode 1. 0 Amp 1N4007Read More

  • 1A7 Diode

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    1A7 Diode

    Description: High quality General Purpose Rectifier 1A1 through 1A7, reverse voltage from 50V to 1000V with 1.0A average forward current. The remarkable feature is that it is very small in its body volume for this product.Read More

  • 1N4007 Rectifier Diode

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    1N4007 Rectifier Diode

    Description: We supply high quality General Purpose Rectifier Diode, forward current 1.0Amp, Reverse voltage from 50 to 1000Volts, Axial-leaded and DO41 Package type, part number is available like 1N4001,1N4002,1N4003,1N4004,1N4005,1N4006,1N4007. Specification: Features: -...Read More

  • 1N5399 Diode

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    1N5399 Diode

    Description: Common Rectifier Diode with forward current 1.5Amp, Reverse voltage 50 to 1000Volts, DO15 Package, part number is available like 1N5391,1N5392,1N5393,1N5394,1N5395,1N5396,1N5397,1N5398,1N5399. Specification: Features: - High current capability - High temperature...Read More

  • 1N5408 Diode

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    1N5408 Diode

    Description: Silicon Rectifier Diode 1N5400 to 1N5408, forward current 3.0Amp, Reverse voltage from 50 to 1000Volts, DO27 Package. Datasheet: Features: - Low leakage - Diffused Junction - High reliability - Low VF - High Surge Current Capability Related Silicon Diodes:...Read More

  • M7 Diode

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    M7 Diode

    Description: Surface Mount(SMD) Rectifier Diode M7 is a very common part, Hantech Electronics has more than 40 years experience in this field. Now many world famous companies buy directly from us, like Panasonic, LG, Midea, etc. Product Detail: Features: - High efficiency -...Read More

  • 2A Rectifier Diode

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    2A Rectifier Diode

    Description: 2.0Amp General Purpose Silicon Rectifier Diode RL201-RL207, reverse voltage is ranging from 50 to 1000 Volts, DO15 Package size. Parameters: Other Rectifier Diodes: Packing Information: Products are packed with paper carton and meet export requirement. Logistics:Read More

  • 3A Rectifier Diode

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    3A Rectifier Diode

    Description: 3.0Amp,50V-1000V,SMC/DO-214AB, surface mount General Purpose Diode GS3A-GS3M with high performance and high reliability. Specification: Other Rectifier Diodes: Flow chart of Rectifier Diodes: Packing Information: All our products are well packed with standard...Read More

  • SMD Rectifier Diode

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    SMD Rectifier Diode

    Description: In order to achieve automation and reduce labors, many factories are using SMD rectifier diode to replace axial one. You can find high quality SMD diode in our factory. Feel free to send your RFQ now and we will provide suitable parts to you. Product detail:...Read More

We're one of the leading China rectifier diode manufacturers and suppliers with over 40 years' experience. Welocme to import high quality rectifier diode made in China from our factory here.