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Visit Our Major Customer LG Indonesia
Apr 02, 2018

We have supplied our diodes to LG for CRT TV in the early time for more than 8 years, with the development and improvement of technology, now CRT TV was replaced by LCD and LED TV, now Nantong Hantech Electronics is supplying rectifier diodes, schottky diodes, zener diodes and bridge rectifier diodes to LG worldwide for LCD and LED TV power supplies, and generally-used parts like 1N4007,M7,FR107,ABS10,MB10S,KBP208G,SS34 and so on.

To keep good communication with LG, lately we visited LG Indonesia factory, and got very good feedback for our excellent product quality and good service from them.

To make all our customers satisfaction, Nantong Hantech will improve continuously.

LG Indonesia.jpg