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TVS Diode
May 28, 2018

TVS(Transient Voltage Suppressor) diode, also known as a transient suppression diode, it is a new type of high efficiency circuit protection device widely used. It has very fast response time (sub nanosecond) and high surge absorption capability. When its ends undergo an instantaneous high energy shock, the TVS can change the impedance between the two ends from a high impedance to a low impedance at a very high speed, so as to absorb an instantaneous large current, so that the voltage at both ends of the two ends is clamped on a predetermined value, thus protecting the back of the circuit element from the impulse of the transient high pressure spike pulse. Because of this, TVS can be used to protect a device or circuit from the transient voltage generated by the switching of an electrostatic and inductive load, and the overvoltage produced by the inductive thunder.