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The Largest Increase Of Diodes During Past Years
Aug 31, 2018

According to media reports, due to rising prices of raw material and downstream applications, the market price of diodes has skyrocketed. ON Semiconductor 2N7002 Schottky Diode has been 4 cents per piece from last year, with the highest price increase to 7 cents per piece. The highest price has risen by more than 17 cents. Times. The industry believes that the cost of various raw materials is affected by the surge in global semiconductor upstream wafer prices, and the multiple factors of metal wire and lead frame also rising in copper prices, seriously affecting the product delivery cycle and supply quantity of diodes. In addition, the new application market such as automotive electronics, smart home, smart phone, and fast charge has developed rapidly, and the number of diodes mounted has almost doubled, driving the overall shipment of diodes to surge. At the same time, in the past two years, driven by the rapid growth of the Internet of Things and the automotive market, the demand for semiconductor components has grown exponentially. According to industry insiders, with the peak season of the traditional consumer electronics industry in the third quarter, the price increase of diodes will continue to heat up in the face of tight supply and demand, and the performance of related companies is expected to increase steadily.