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Schottky Diode Characteristics
Feb 01, 2018

The main advantages of SBD include two aspects:

1) Since the Schottky barrier height is lower than the PN junction barrier height, the forward conduction threshold voltage and the forward voltage drop are both lower (about 0.2V) than the PN junction diode.

2) Since SBD is a majority carrier conduction device, there are no minority carrier lifetime and reverse recovery problems. SBD reverse recovery time is only the Schottky barrier capacitor charge and discharge time, completely different from the PN junction diode reverse recovery time. Because SBD reverse recovery charge is very small, so the switching speed is very fast, the switching loss is also very small, especially for high-frequency applications.

However, the reverse breakdown voltage is relatively low due to the thin reverse barrier of the SBD and its breakdown easily on its surface. Since SBDs are more susceptible to thermal breakdown than PN junction diodes, the reverse leakage current is larger than the PN junction diode.