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Schottky Diode Advantages
Feb 01, 2018

SBD has the advantages of high switching frequency and low forward voltage drop, but the reverse breakdown voltage is relatively low, mostly not higher than 60V, up to only about 100V, which limits its scope of application. Such as the freewheeling diodes of power switching devices in SMPS and PFC circuits, high-frequency rectification diodes of 100V or higher for transformer secondary, high-speed diodes of 600V-1.2kV in RCD snubber circuits and PFC boost with 600V diodes, etc., only the use of fast recovery epitaxial diode (FRED) and ultra fast recovery diode (UFRD). UFRD reverse recovery time Trr also 20ns above, simply can not meet the space station and other fields with 1MHz ~ 3MHz SMPS needs. Even with a hard-switched SMPS of 100kHz, due to the large conduction and switching losses of UFRD and high case temperature, a larger heat sink is required, resulting in increased SMPS size and weight, which is not compatible with miniaturization and thinning The trend of development. Therefore, the development of high-voltage SBD of more than 100V has been the subject of research and focus of attention. In recent years, SBD has made breakthrough progress. High voltage SBDs of 150V and 200V are already on the market, and SBDs of more than 1kV fabricated with new materials have also been successfully developed, injecting new vitality into their applications.