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How To Choose The Rectifier Diode
Feb 01, 2018

Rectifier diodes are generally planar silicon diodes, used in a variety of power rectifier circuit.

Selection of rectifier diodes, the main should consider the maximum rectifier current, maximum reverse current, cut-off frequency and reverse recovery time and other parameters.

Ordinary series regulator circuit used in the rectifier diode, the reverse recovery time of the cut-off frequency of less demanding, as long as the maximum rectifier current and maximum reverse operating current according to the requirements of the rectifier diode can be. For example, 1N series, 2CZ series, RLR series.

Switching rectifier power supply rectifier circuit and pulse rectifier rectifier diodes used in the rectifier circuit should be used with high frequency, reverse recovery time is shorter rectifier diodes (such as RU series, EU series, V series, 1 SR series, etc.) or choose Fast recovery diode. There is also a Schottky rectifier diode.