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High Voltage Capacitors
Jun 21, 2018

High voltage capacitors now generally refer to capacitors above 1kV, or capacitors above 10kV.

Usually, a high voltage capacitor with a rated operating voltage of 10KVAC is often judged by a DC voltage. It is often appropriate to use a product rated more than 40KVDC. Because 40KVDC's capacitance can only withstand the test of about 2 minutes of 10KVAC, it is easy to break through at higher voltage.

The current high voltage capacitors are mainly divided into: high voltage ceramic capacitors, high voltage film capacitors, high voltage polyvinyl capacitor and so on. Among them, high voltage ceramic capacitors are the most concerned.

The main excellence of the high voltage ceramic capacitor lies in its small size, high pressure resistance, stable performance, no oil, no gas, no pollution and no flammable and explosive potential.

According to the  National Development and Reform Commission's documents, the future oil containing gas is easy to produce explosion, pollution, flammable film or oil immersion capacitance will be replaced by new products. Undoubtedly, this gives the best development opportunity for high voltage ceramic capacitors. High voltage ceramic capacitors do not have these hidden troubles, and have an irreplaceable advantage: long life, good reliability, small volume, solid.