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The role of the diode
Feb 01, 2018

Diode is one of the most commonly used electronic components, one of his biggest features is the unidirectional conductivity, that is, the current can only flow from one direction of the diode, the diode has a rectifier circuit, detector circuit, voltage regulator circuit, a variety of modulation circuits , Are mainly composed of diodes, the principle is very simple, it is because of the invention of diodes and other components, we are now the birth of a colorful world of electronic information, since the role of the diode so big, then how should we detect This component, in fact, is very simple as long as the multimeter to hit the resistance profile to measure the forward resistance if it is small, if the reverse phase resistance is large, this shows that the diode is good. For such basic elements we should firmly grasp the principle of his role as well as the basic circuit, so as to lay the good foundation for the future of electronic technology learning.

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