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Spark Gap
Aug 23, 2018

The spark gap is composed of two electrodes and a shell at a certain distance. The tube is filled with a certain pressure gas (inert gas or hydrogen). When the communication circuit connected with the discharge tube is subjected to lightning strike or other strong electrical interference "overvoltage", because the induction voltage is extremely high, that is, when the overvoltage between the two electrodes of the discharge tube exceeds the breakdown voltage of the discharge tube itself, the gas in the tube will ionize under the action of the electric field and form a conductor, thus destroying the original insulation. State. Therefore, a large number of current in the discharge tube voltage of a large number of charges are immediately grounded, forcibly cut off the shock wave, so that lightning energy can not pass through the protection equipment, thus playing a protective role for equipment and personal safety. At this point, the voltage that can enter the protected object is only the so-called "residual voltage" produced by the lightning current through the discharge tube and its lead and grounding device. When the lightning current, that is, when the overvoltage disappeared, the gas in the pipe quickly returned to the original insulation state, and the circuit returned to normal.