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Schottky diode application
Feb 01, 2018

The structure and characteristics of the SBD make it suitable for high frequency rectification in low voltage, high current output applications and for detection and mixing at very high frequencies (eg X-band, C-band, S-band and Ku-band) High-speed logic circuit used as a clamp. SBDs are often used in ICs, such as SBDs. TTLs have long been the mainstream of TTL circuits and are widely used in high-speed computers.

In addition to the characteristic parameters of common PN junction diodes, the SBD electrical parameters used for detection and mixing also include the intermediate frequency impedance (referred to as the impedance presented by the SBD for a given intermediate frequency at rated LO power, typically between 200 Ω and 600 Ω) , Voltage standing wave ratio (usually ≤ 2) and noise figure.