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Instruction of High Voltage Diodes
Apr 02, 2018

High Voltage Diodes have been developed to attain size reduction assuming remolding with epoxy-base resin to endure the creeping distance. It is therefore, impossible to guarantee the rated voltage and backward characteristics in the air.

Characteristics inspection in remolded state: Molt the diode with epoxy to form a cylinder with proper size considering the creeping distance and heat radiation. Inspect the characteristics or reliability after remolding.

Characteristics inspection in insulating oil: Characteristics inspection without remolding is generally carried out in insulating oil (silicone oil or fluoride).While fluoride volatile, silicone oil is not. Washing after the test needs special care. Generally an organic solvent such as trichloroethylene or xylene is used.

The surface of a high voltage diode must be kept clean. The interface between a high voltage diode and the remolding resin must ensure sufficient adhesion.

No air bubble is allowed in the remolding resin because it degrades the insulation and reliability. It must not exist especially near the high voltage diode.

The resin material for remolding should be epoxy-base resin and minimum stress from expansion or contraction shall be generated as so to prevent bad influence on the diode .If any resin other than epoxy-base one is used, the adhesion and air tightness to prevent moisture entrance shall be well examined.