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How to Select and Use Rectifier Diodes
Jul 30, 2018

1) For the rectifier diode of series power supply circuit, the maximum rectifier diode should be selected, and the current and reverse operating voltage are suitable for the conditional diode.

2) The rectifier diode used in switching regulated circuit should be chosen to use the rectifier diode with high operating frequency and short recovery time when reverse recovery. The general rectifier diode can't be used. You can choose to use FR series, PFR series, Mur series of fast recovery diodes.

3) For low voltage rectifier circuits, it is necessary to use small voltage drop rectifier diodes.

4) For the 5A rectifier circuit, the rectifier diode can be selected. For example, using half bridge, full bridge rectifier circuit, recorder power circuit pair and ordinary low voltage rectifier circuit, 1n4000, 1n5200 series of silicon plastic sealing diode can be used. It is also possible to use a series of 2CZ rectifier diodes.

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