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High Voltage Resistors
Jun 22, 2018

Resistor, usually referred to as "R", is the most used component in all electronic circuits. The main physical characteristic of resistance is that the transformation energy is heat energy. It can also be said that it is an energy consuming element, and the current passes through it to generate internal energy. Resistance usually acts as a partial pressure shunt in a circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can be resisted.

A High Voltage Resistor is a resistor operating at 1000~35000 volt high, with a resistance of up to 1011 ohms. For high voltage resistors to withstand very high voltages, they must have very high resistance and large dissipation power. In order to prevent electric shock from wearing, a slender matrix with high pressure resistance must be selected. The resistance film is made into a spiral belt, and the voltage gradient along the length must not exceed 500 volts / centimeters.

The resistor is made of synthetic carbon film, metal film and metal glass glaze film. It can be used as voltage divider and absorber in high voltage devices, and can also be used for discharge and arc extinction of rectifier and filter capacitors.