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Germanium Diodes
Sep 11, 2018

Germanium Diodes are diodes made of germanium materials. Semiconductor diodes are used in almost all electronic circuits. They play an important role in many circuits. They are one of the earliest semiconductor devices and are widely used.

Germanium Diode (DO-7 glass package):




Germanium Diode voltage drop is generally at 0.2v~0.4v.Mainly used in computer, radio, TV and other detection circuits.

The difference between Germanium Diode and Silicon Diode

1, the Germanium Diode is beginning to have electric current at 0.1V.Silicon Diodes do not start to have current until at 0.5V, that is, the voltage is different when starting to turn on, Germanium Diode is small, Silicon Diode is large;

2. After the conduction is started, the current of the Germanium Diode increases slowly, and the current of the Silicon Diode increases quickly.

 It can be concluded that the DC resistance of Germanium Diode is less than that of Silicon Diode, but the AC resistance of Silicon Diode is less than that of Germanium Diode.