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Functions of Microwave High Voltage Diodes
Apr 24, 2018

The first function is for protection of a high voltage. If the reverse voltage is too high, the diode will break down reversely, and there will be a path to protect the circuit.

The other is for rectification of high voltage. If rectification of high voltage is breakdown, it will burn high voltage fuse. The internal combustion of high voltage diodes will only have AC high voltage and no DC high voltage. In addition to the positive DC voltage between the anode and the cathode, the electrons emitted by the cathode are affected by the positive potential of the anode and fly to the anode. In addition, there is the effect of the magnets, and there is a magnetic field perpendicular to the electric field in space, so the electron is swinging under the effect of the magnetic field force and the electric field force. Because of the high frequency electric field in the cavity of the anode, the "electron cloud" that revolves around the anode will be formed. When the rotation speed is synchronized with the high frequency magnetic field, the electrons transfer all the energy to the high frequency magnetic field, thus maintaining high frequency oscillation. The high frequency energy is output by microwave energy output device, and is transmitted to the microwave oven cavity by heating the food in the microwave ovens.