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Diode Rectifier
Apr 11, 2018

Nantong Hantech offers various type of Rectifer, including General Purpose, Fast Recovery, Ultra Fast Recovery and Super Fast Recovery Rectifer. These types are distinguished by the characteristics of reverse recovery time( Trr):

1.    General Purpose Rectifier:

VRRM=50V~2000V, IO=0.2A~8A. Generally applied to bridge rectification circuit and VCC rectifier circuit.

2.    Fast Recovery Rectifier:

VRRM=50V~1000V, IO=1A~6A, TRR=150ns~500ns. Generally used in applications such as Snubber/VCC rectification.

3.    Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier: 

VRRM=50V~1300V, IO=1A~30A, TRR=50ns~100ns.Generally used in secondary rectification and VCC rectifier.

4.    Super Fast Recovery Rectifier: 

VRRM=50V~800V, IO=1A~30A, TRR=25ns~50ns. Generally used in secondary rectification and PFC rectifier.