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High Voltage Diode

Hantech has supplied High Voltage Diodes for more than 40 years and these diodes are widely applied in automotive ignition coil, laser printer, negative ion generator, air cleaner, oil dewatering equipment, machine of electrostatic dust removal and electrostatic spraying.
  • High Voltage Microwave Oven Rectifier HV05-12

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    High Voltage Microwave Oven Rectifier HV05-12

    Description: Nantong Hantech manufacures High Voltage Microwave Oven Rectifier from 8kV to 16kV with very good quality. At present, for microwave ovens application,Nantong Hantech's High Voltage Diodes cover around 60% global market share. You are welcomed to visit our...Read More

  • High Voltage Rectifier

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    High Voltage Rectifier

    Description: The product adopts the molding-compound sealing with stable electrical performance and high reliability. It is mainly used for common rectification, and is widely used in the television, display and other electronic equipment.Read More

  • High Voltage Rectifier 6KV

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    High Voltage Rectifier 6KV

    Description: Nantong Hantech Electronics provides small current 5mA but high voltage rectifier diodes with voltage from 3kV to 30kV,and reverse recovery time can be 100nS and below.Read More

  • HV Diode For Automobile Igniter

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    HV Diode For Automobile Igniter

    Description: Our factory produces high quality High Voltage Diode for automobile igniters.Product parameters are equivalent to Japan Hitachi or Sanken parts.Read More

  • HV Diode 20KV

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    HV Diode 20KV

    Description: HV diode 20kV is made by overlapping of several silicon chips, to realize the high voltage resistant layer unit structure. It is charactered with stable performance, high humidity resistance and high heat resistance. It is mainly applied in the high voltage power...Read More

  • High Voltage Diode 6KV

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    High Voltage Diode 6KV

    Description: We supply excellent quality 5mA 6kV 100nS High Voltage Diode 2CL70A.Read More

  • HV Diode 8KV

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    HV Diode 8KV

    Description: 350mA,8kV,150nS High Voltage Diode with competitive prices and excellent quality.Read More

  • High Voltage Power Supply Diodes

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    High Voltage Power Supply Diodes

    Description: We produce High Voltage Diodes for high voltage power supply application with high voltage and high frequency.Read More

  • HV Diodes Supplier

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    HV Diodes Supplier

    Description: We are manufacturing a full range of High Voltage Diodes, and these diodes can be applied in laser printers , laser cutting machine, Ozone generators , negative ion generators , x-ray machines , microwave ovens , automotive ignition coil, high voltage power...Read More

  • HV Diode For Microwave

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    HV Diode For Microwave

    Description: We offer High Voltage Diodes for microwave ovens. These parts can be used in GE, LG,SANYO, AMANA, ELECTROLUX,KENMORE, MAYTAG, WHIRLPOOL,MIDEA, GALANZ and other brand microwave ovens. 12kV, 350mA or 500mA, and part number like CL01-12, CL04-12, T3512H, T4512, HVM12Read More

  • HV Diode 16KV

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    HV Diode 16KV

    Description: High Frequency High Voltage Diode with parameters 5mA,16kV,100nS. Application: 1. Medical and computer CRT monitors; 2. Rectification for high voltage power supply; 3. Electrostatic spraying equipment; 4. Semiconductor...Read More

  • High Voltage Diode 14KV

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    High Voltage Diode 14KV

    Description: 5mA 14kV 100nS Fast Recovery HV Diode 2CL74(2CL74A). Part Number: 2CL74(2CL74A) Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 14kV Average Forward Current: 5mA Maximum Surge Current: 0.5A Forward Voltage Drop: 42.5V MAX Peak Reverse Current: 2uA@25°C Reverse Recovery Time: 100nSRead More

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We're one of the leading China high voltage diode manufacturers and suppliers with over 40 years' experience. Welocme to import high quality high voltage diode made in China from our factory here.